Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Smash That Fat

This whole preggers thing has me more food and weight conscious than ever. I know i'm going to gain weight... baby weight is fine. However, its the fat weight I want to avoid.

So..... after a few weeks of having to eat every couple of hours to keep from tossing my cookies and feeling like i've packed on 20 + pounds (actually have only gained bout 3 pounds total) i've come up with the brilliant idea of joining the Celebrity Fit Club.

I want to join join.... like GO there and be put through physical exercise hell by Sgt. Harvey E Walden, IV. He's turned people into Marines! Mean, mean, fighting machines! I'm sure i've done something famous in the past that qualifies me for 'Celebrity' Fit Club.

Dr Ian Smith, M.D. created the Fat Smash Diet... which is now available online! I've watched the show many times and I'd love the challenge. I know I dont weigh enough (over) to qualify... however I could like submit my weight at 9 months preggers (they dont need to know the truth behind the tub) and then i'd be way over my goal weight :)

There is an ex-Marine (probably drill Sgt) that does bootcamp not too far from my house. I've really considered hiring him to order me around a couple times a week. I might do that after little junior is born. It's just so much easier to get whipped into shape when someone is holding you accountable (helping). I do miss working out with my old FBI/Cop/Science Teacher workout partner. He was hard-ass!!!


Queen of the Mayhem said...

You are a better woman than I....I ate EVERYTHING that did not eat me first when I was pregnant....maybe that is why I gained 50 pounds the first time?

I did do better with my son! 28 pounds...and 10.4 of it was him! :)

Kerry said...

Wow!!! almost half your weight was baby - with your son!!!

You have grown men like I do.... the boys were 9.1lbs and 9.8lbs!

Angela said...

Working out can make one feel great. You are right it is hard to be modivated without someone to help. I felt huge while Iwas pregnant too.