Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Please bring Umbrellas

I've really had enough of the rain. I think my banana tree has also had enough. The ground was so saturated this morning, that the poor little thing was kind of leaning to one side.

For yet another day we're experiencing torrential downpours. I started out the door this morning for work and realized i'd left my umbrella in the MM. Actually, all 3 of them were in the MM. P, graciously volunteered to run out and get it for me - a little rain won't mess up his flat-top haircut. :) By the time I ran out, my laptop bag was soaked. Our residential streets had gushing water running through them and the major side streets had huge areas of standing water. Typically you can sail down those streets at a good 45mph, but this morning you had to creep along about 15mph because the water was so deep and besides that, you couldn't see for the pounding rain and wind.

Once I finally made it to the highway, we crept along for miles at a measley 35mph. I didnt dare take any pictures for fear of a fender-bender. I passed one major wreck - complete with ambulance and then another guy somehow got himself turned around backwards, but in the ditch, and buried deep in the water/mud. I'm guessing he hit water on the highway (going too fast) and lost control. He looked fine. Pissed, but fine.

I-44 East bound was flooded. Traffic was backed up for miles while cars slowed to almost nonexistant speed to try to get through the water. I watched as small cars all but disappeared in the dirty stuff while trying to get through. Everyone started trying to cram into the far right lane and shoulder where the water was less deep... but still was an issue. I'd never see it so flooded!

We've had three major 'leaks' here at work. Actually, the ceiling has caved in. Maintenance has been working fast and furious to get the water contained so it doesnt damage any more than it already has. One of the techs and I headed out to move equipment UP so it stands no chance of damage.

I'm ready for sun sometime soon!!!!


weatherchazer said...

You've had the rain...I've had the wind. I thought it was going to knock me off my feet yesterday! Hope it clears for ya real soon!

thephoenixnyc said...

I saw on the news what's happening out there. Wow, not good. Stay dry muffins.

Kerry said...

Weatherchazer: we're gonna get hit again tonite. I was watching the weather bulletins at the gym tonite and tornadoes are forming about an hour SW of us and they said the entire storm would hit our area in a couple of hours! Hope the wind dies down for you!!!

Phoenix: It's not been so good. We've seen rivers flood today that havent been out of their banks in 15 years! I'm staying dry ;) somewhat.....

Burg said...

This rain's been nuts! Like I told someone else though, I'm trying to see the bright side.. Rain makes the grass grow, cows eat grass, I eat the cow.. It's helping, I think.

egan said...

You've had some bad weather in your 'hood these past 3-4 months. I will hope for sun.

P.S. thanks for the house tips.