Monday, May 07, 2007

Grab Your Grapes and Cough

MySpace is so irritating. When you're trying to find someone... you can't. When you want to hide.... you can't do that either! lol

A friend (distant) is supposedly having a little fling and he's got it on his MySpace. Well, obviously he's used bogus info to create the page... if he's smart he did. But nothing I search for finds him. I can narrow my search down to about 2000 people and of them... who really knows because they either don't have a real picture up or the name is all screwy or the page is locked or it goes on and on.

As i'm searching, i'm eating a big bag of red grapes - which i just purchased last night. I'm plunking them in my mouth one at a time... chewing... reading... clicking... plunk and chew again. For one reason or another, about 20 grapes into it I look at the next grape and BLAH all over it is the blackest, fuzziest, hairiest crapola! I checked my bag for indications of more fuzz and I find nothing. The grapes are new! They are the sweetest plumpest grapes... no way can they be old or have a chance to grow hair!

I tossed the grape in the trash and immediately felt stomach pains. I'm not sure that I even ate a grape with extra spices, but if I did i'll either have a tummy ache or the Hershey squirts. Something will come of the fuzz.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I certainly HOPE you did not eat a furry grape....YUCK!

I laughed out loud at this because I see your mind works a lot like mine! (I'm so sorry) hee-hee

As for Myspace....I don't care for it!

Kerry said...

How do we think? cuz sometimes I think I think really too fast and alot in circles. hahahaha

Burg said...


I quit buying grapes because it seemed they were all that way...