Friday, January 05, 2007

Nothing in Particular other than TGIF

I'm so happy it's Friday!!! Although this week was a short week, it's been long and hard. Alot of projects happening at work and with people off on vacation, having babies, sick, etc... trying to help with their work and keep up on my own is tiresome.

We don't have much on tap for the weekend. We have a wedding in Tulsa tomorrow and massages scheduled for sunday - gosh I love those! I actually had purchased a massage for Richard, but he wants me to tag along so he scheduled me one too! C is going for foot reflexology.... we'll see how that goes. He's pretty excited about that too. He complains that his feet hurt... probably all that soccer ball kicking and basketball playing that he does!

I think i'm going to spend this afternoon googling Europe. We are itching for another trip (it's been a whole few months since Florida and a whole year since the cruise!) and i've asked my sis and a friend of hers if they'd like to go, so I guess I better get some info together. C and P have been asking about deep sea fishing... another cruise... anything. I think they are really beginning to like travel. I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Burg said...

You'll be in my neck of the woods!

Enjoy your weekend!

Big Ben said...

tell him soccer stinks to stick to Basketball. I going to try to go to Ireland this year!

Kerry said...

Ben: If you go, I want to hear all about it. Blog it! I work with a guy that is from Ireland... he talks about it all the time. He came to the states about 30 years ago with his wife and small children. He tries to visit every 5 or 6 years or so. It sounds really interesting!

Headed your way, Burg!