Sunday, December 31, 2006

Departing From Gate ‘06

Greetings blog nation! Yes, once again the annual cycle has completed its customary circuit and we close turbulent 2006. I believe I mentioned that I rarely write down resolutions anymore but I most certainly keep an aspiration list in my head. As usual, it contains both spiritual and physical goals and finishes up with the heartfelt desire to become a kinder, gentler human being who treats others as she wishes to be treated. Musing and contemplation are good, right? I try to forgive the past and look forward to the future so that is what I shall do. I hope to keep each and every one of you abreast of sorrows and joys in the coming year and always be there for you, our precious readers, should the need arise. My favorite part of this time of year is not the remembrance past but the clean slate and fresh start. My new calendars are ready to launch and a sparkling, pristine planner awaits the anticipated jump into 2007. My fervent prayer is all of you share it with me. So let’s start these new beginnings by sharing my delicious zucchini appetizers and chilled Chardonnay, shall we? ;)

Love always,


Kerry said...

Let me know how the 'gentler human being' part goes this year. *snicker*

Did you make the Zucchini appetizers!?!? sound yummy!

Circe said...

Well if the Spider and WB don't piss me off too bad, I'll have less trouble being kinder and gentler. :)

Yes, I make the zucchini appetizers myself. Last year it was crab but this year I wanted to experiment again...

Traveling Chica said...

Man, I missed the invite until it was too late! I heart zucchini... sounds yummy!