Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just a Taste

In between chatting online with my sis, answering emails and helping anyone and everyone that runs in here to talk to me.. I have managed to resize all my pictures so now I can dig through them and post the ones I want (can) share. However, now it's too late. I'm on drugs (fighting the cold still) and so i'm fixing to go curl up in my cozy bed and shove my cold toes behind Richards knees to help warm them up. My goal is tomorrow night... post pics! whooohooo!


Traveling Chica said...

Cute! :)

Hope your toes are warm and your cold is gone.

Burg said...

I wish I looked that good when I'm sick!

Kerry said...

I wore socks to bed and I feel better today!

In alot of the pictures you can tell i'm a little puney... I look like I dont feel so good... but overall the pictures turned out pretty good. Thanks!

Sizzle said...

glad you are feeling better. :)