Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Years Eve Story (clean version)

The Beads. They become important as the night goes on...

Flying high on DayQuil and Sudafed, I got all spiffied up to spend the night celebrating with my hubbie, my absolute dearest friend Fowler, my hot sister and her twin (who isn't related to me but they might as well be twins... cuz that a whole other story) and 100 of our other closest friends.

Me, Richard and Fowler. I love their baby blues! I am a very lucky girl!

My sister and her twin showed up... showin the man some lovins right here!

Apparently, Richard was really funny that night because they were totally cracking up... and I missed it. I was either taking the picture, dancing or....

... being coerced into taking a crotch shot of a girl because they wanted a picture. I just got a hiney shot. Maybe that was what they were laughing at... because I took the picture. hmmm

We aren't dancing here... thats a whole other set of pictures. I think he was trying to rewrap the beads for me. He told me I wasnt cooperating... and I quote "you keep squirming around and won't be still!"

While fiddling around with the beads I looked just over Richards shoulder and I saw boobs! Two girls were flashing their boobage and dancing around. OMG. I stood there gasping for air and scrambling for my camera and we all gawked.... One of the girls looked straight at me, smiled and started moving towards me - boobs all in my face. She danced and jiggled... This must be a pic of me looking at her. lol

I told her there was no way I was going to do that... she said 'NO! I show you and then you give me a string of beads!" okie... So I hung a string around her neck and I got the biggest hug :) hehe Richard said "why is it always you!" hahahahhahaah I dont know....

So after my boobie experience.... I partied on. I posed for pictures with people that had no idea who I was, I didnt know them and even some of them had no idea they were posing for a picture with me (see lady above who is either screaming at Fowler, or singing along with the DJ, or in some sort of pain. Gas pains maybe?!)
All this while on cold meds.... there are alot more pictures but that would take pages of posts to show all those! lol


Burg said...

That last one of you behind the pissed looking lady nearly had me falling out of my chair!

Traveling Chica said...

That's hilarious! I love shots like that!

I hug everyone when I'm drunk. I'm a huggy person anyway, and get some alcohol in me and... oops? ;)

Kerry said...

It cracks me up that she is totally unaware of us having a good time around her. haha

I think I get huggy too... I know I get real friendly! haha

thephoenixnyc said...

Great pics, looks like an awesome NYE. (insert wolf whistle here).