Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Begins with a Blow

I've started the new year off with a real bang!

I've got a cold.

For weeks I have managed to avoid the cooties that have floated the airways in my office area. Everyone here has been sick - coughing and snotting around. I've done my best to dodge the germs but over Christmas break my sweet lovie caught a cootie bug and was a bit under the weather. I'm guessing that what happened is... at night, when I wasnt looking, one of his cootie bugs crawled off him and bit me in the butt because when I woke up New Years Eve morning, I felt like poo-poo.

I was determined to carry on with our New Years Eve plans, so I drugged up and went full speed ahead. I got my hair colored, we loaded up C, P and Z (friend) and headed to Bricktown where we ate and went Snowtubing, we rented movies and later Richard and I met some friends for some fun times and boobies (not mine... and that story comes later).

I didn't notice my aches and pains so much while out whooopin and hollerin', but New Years Day I woke to have the worst headache, runny nose and congestion and the all over just poopy feeling. I laid around the house and tried to take care of myself. I downed gallons of water and had a big hit of diet coke along with DayQuil, Sudafed, Motrin and tons of vitamins.

Today, I need to be in bed. Why in the world did I try to come to work? It really makes no sense... I'm here breathing all over the people that have had it and have gotten rid of it (or still trying)... and I'll probably just reinfect them and it will all cycle over again.

Makes perfect sense.

New Years Pictures will come later... i'm still editing :)


twisted panties said...

What is it with everyone getting colds? I am miserable too. Ugh. I hate this. Try Zicam (the swabs). It seems to be working for me.

Traveling Chica said...

Are you still editing because of the boobies or are the two not related at all? ;)

Hope you feel better! *hugs*

Kerry said...

TP: Thank you... I will give Zicam a try. Anything to shake this crappy stuff!

TC: Its taking me forever to get pasties on all the nips so I can share the pictures ;) lol

Traveling Chica said...

That's kinda what I figured...