Saturday, December 16, 2006

Melons of all Sizes

I never thought I'd be the mom that would ever suggest Hooters for dinner, but It sounded like the best deal considering our situation last night.

Richard scored all four of us tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Ford Center so right after work we headed off to Bricktown for dinner at Crabtown before the concert. The traffic was a bit of a pain, but to be expected (somewhat) considering there was also some function going on at the Cox Convention center and also the concert had been sold out so there would be 80,000+ people heading for the area within a few hours.

I darted in the doors at Crabtown to put our name on the waiting list but there was a 55 minute wait! We didn't have 55 minutes to spare because we'd spent any extra time we had sitting thru stoplights 5 and 6 times. We decided to head down the street to Bricktown Brewery where we find a nice comfortable 1 1/2 hours wait. I laughed at the little greeter girl... she apologized, but not her fault! Debating on where to try next... I mentioned that everyone is trying to eat at the bigger more touristy kinds of restaurants, so let's try going somewhere off the beaten path. That's when I looked up and it was like Heavens gates had opened and bright lights beemed... I saw the Hooters sign. It was off the beaten path... and surely people weren't making mad dashes to eat there!

I stated my case, and with zero complaints from the men, we headed to Hooters. We waited our 5 minute wait and was promptly seated by Megan or Gretchen (whatever her name was). Courtney came over to take our drink order as we looked over the menu. I'd never eaten there... I'd had take-out from there... but not actually gone in and sat to eat. We sized up the waitresses and determined that the clothes that they wear have got to be the worst getup we have ever seen. It is so not attractive nor pleasing to the eye. They make what is a cute girl look like an out of shape Michelin Man stay-puff marshmallow. They have to wear hose, which are tight and cut them off at the waist, but the shorts ride lower than the hose, so you see their roll because the shirt is so dang tight. The shorts are pulled way up, so there is massive camel toe going on... and its not attractive.

Anyways, we scarfed and headed off to the see the concert. It was the most amazing thing! They were as much and way more than what I expected. The show was amazing! They use tons of lights and lasers... and fire and fireworks... you name it, they use it. The entire first half of the concert was their Christmas music which they arranged with a narrator who told a Christmas story. It was beautifully arranged! The second half, we rocked like rockstars. The whole group is fantastic at entertaining and humor! It was just so much better than I had ever imagined. They were a very personal group... full of energy and excitment. They could sing and boy could they ever play instruments!!!

If you ever get the chance to see them... go! We have some of their CD's... and they are good and we like to listen to the music, but it is incredible to see them in concert! We will definitely do that again!!


Burg said...

You are so much nicer than I... If I were to allow a Hooter's trip, I'm afraid my husband would check me into a mental hospital for being too nice.

Traveling Chica said...

They make what is a cute girl look like an out of shape Michelin Man stay-puff marshmallow. LMAO

God, it's so nice to have someone write what I think! :)

socal sweetie said...

Lol, your description about the Hooters girls is hilarious! Yea, camel toes are definitely not a good look.

Kerry said...

I try to call it like I see it.... and the first thing I thought of was the Michelin Man and stay-puff marshmallows. lol Even in my most fittest, tightest, hard-bodied days... I would have never crawled into those outfits.

Camel toes suck.. and especially ones that look like they hurt! *ouch*