Friday, December 15, 2006

Blog Crush '06

Da Rules:

A) You can't wait to read what they post next.
B) You want to be friends with them.

C) You think they are the cat's meow.
D) You might find them attractive- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, whatever floats your boat.
E) If you met them in person, blushing might occur.

First off, I must convey to all how much I enjoy reading each and every one on our blog list and how difficult it is to award two lucky recipients my Blog Crush '06. The amount of sheer writing talent is overwhelming and regularly immobilizes me in my tracks as I compare my most humble offerings to others far more talented. In the 1 ½ years I’ve been blogging, our blogroll has periodically changed as some fade into the twilight and fresh discoveries are made. There are several we read regularly but simply haven’t gotten around to adding. Before announcing the winners, I wanted to express a few thoughts regarding several of our special compadres. :)

Ms. Sizzle—no one has the knack for baring her heart and soul to her faithful and many readers quite like our beloved Ms Sizzle. She is a total joy to read and we all love her in return. You are a treasured find, sweetie. (((hugs)))

Bone—he has got to be the sweetest, most likable Southern guy on the blog planet and has a tremendous talent for turning a phrase or posting a poem.

Trouble—wins the Sexiest Male Blogger award. Our hedonistic island guy is a pleasure to read when he shares his frolicking adventures with his avid fans.

Stacey—always entertaining, our Canadian gal brings both laughter and tears as she courageously marches her way across the daunting obstacles life has thrown in her path. And pics of her most famous feline, Yoshi, are icing on the cake.

Twisted Panties—our Texas gal wears her redneck trappings with pizzazz and flair and we love hearing about life in the Lone Star State.

OC Gal—winning the Sexiest Female Blogger award, she is currently in transition as she embarks on a fresh blog start.

The Daily Dump—another male blogger switching blog gears who manages to totally blow me away with his amazing genius for writing.

Discombobulating Grant—our favorite twisted psychopath is currently on permanent hiatus. His look at life through sinister, jaded lenses holds all transfixed with his pithy tirades and dissimilar introspection. Grant, we miss your biting wit. Come back soon.

Without further ado, would the Blog Pixie please hand me the coveted envelopes declaring the victors? *drumroll*

In accordance with the rules stipulated in regards to Blog Crush Day, I hereby award my Female Crush to: Traveling Chica and Male Crush to Wombat from Kiss & Blog!

Dear TC is sweet, friendly, and extremely talented and the first female blogger I check each day. One of our newest additions, our Wisconsin gal became my girl blog crush immediately and I would relish clinking glasses with her. Though far more traveled than I, we share a mutual love of the Outer Banks, and I must say this may have tipped the scales in her favor. Smooches Amanda!

Joining the large crowd of jostling female admirers, I cast my male vote for the ever suave, debonair and exquisitely mysterious, Wombat. Clever and outspoken yet always a model of diplomatic tact, it would be a rare female to not succumb to Mr. Wombat’s delicious Aussie charms. Always an entertaining read, he (along with darling Aspen) is first and foremost in my male blog reading pastimes and their thoughts on various topics are a pleasure to peruse.

There you have it. The Circe Blog Crushers of 2006. In all honesty, there isn’t one of our fellow blog buds I wouldn’t look forward to meeting and sharing stimulating companionship and in my humble opinion, every one of you is a fabulous winner. ;)



Sizzle said...

awesome! i'm so flattered to be included. aw, shucks.

and can i just say that ocg is hotter in person. i know this to be true.

;) sizz

traveling chica said...

Awww, you're such a sweetheart, Circe! And now I'm blushing!

As for the Outer Banks, I'll use whatever I need to tip the scales in my favor. ;)


Bone said...

Aww, Circe. I'm flattered to have made honorable mention in the 2006 Circes :)

I read Ms. Sizzle and Traveling Chica, too. Very good taste you have there.

twisted panties said...

It's an honor just to be nominated. You guys are great. I love reading you guys.

Kerry said...

Holy Crapoly Circe! I need a job where I dont have to do so much work so I can be more creative and come up with fun stuff!

Job well done Missy! *kisses*

Wombat & Aspen said...

Circe, I'm all red and hot underneath my fur and whiskers.

Let's hope I don't trip on the way up the podium steps to make my acceptance speech, because that would undo the flattering (and exaggerated) picture you have of me!

Would you like to hear my acceptance remarks? No? Wise woman.

Thank you Circe, my life is now complete.


Egan said...

I missed the boat again. Oh well.