Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Few Hours to Vegas

Sometimes my job is so hard and demanding.

Last night, my company treated me and my sweet little hubby - along with about 14 other employees - to an outstanding dinner at the Iron Star restaurant (drinks included). For months, our financial software package has been in a 'upgrade and testing' mode and it's been very stressful and taxing. Not so much for me and our department as it has been for people in Accounting, but nonetheless, we're still involved.

The project is up and running full force... and live! So, we got to celebrate the completion and the fact that now, the finance department and some of the I.S. staff will get to work more normal hours - leave and depart at regular times.

The food was scrumptious. For the first time in my life I tried Quail. It came as an appetizer and wrapped in some honey flavored bacon. I'm not one to eat odd birds, but I tried it so as not to be a stick-in-the-mud. It was pretty good. The salad was a hunk of lettuce topped with candied pecans and some sort of sauce (sweet).... which i devoured! Richard didn't touch his (said he was saving room for the real food. lol) and I wanted to gobble his salad too. Had we not been with the rest of the group I would have grabbed his plate and finished off his hunk of lettuce.

I got the Prime Rib... Richard got the Chicken and both were very yummy! There wasn't much there we didn't like... except the green beans. I'm not a fan of buttery, crunchy green beans. I kind of like mine more mushy out of the can. haha

We had a good time.... its fun to socialize with co-workers outside of the office. I got to see some of them in a whole new light! People are different when they are at work.... and obviously some of us stress alot more at work.. and relax a ton when we're out! (not referring to myself or Richard either)

There is always so much I leave out when I try to tell these kinds of stories.... but, our waitor was a drummer in a rock band! I spotted him... I knew he was a drummer because of the way he rolled his ink pen in his fingers while he was taking our orders.

There was no way he was a twirler....! lol

Richard made a phone call... got his name... and I asked him. Yep... that dude is a drummer in a local rock band. Sweet! I called it right!

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