Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh Happy Monday

Considering how this day started.... it hasn't turned out so bad.

Wait, no... it pretty much started last night when I bit into a Tostito and a fleck of the chip flew into my eye.

I tossed and turned all night long only to awaken 40 minutes after my alarm was to go off. I must have turned it off in my sleep because I know I turned it on when I went to bed... and the clock was right... so I obviously turned it off still asleep. I bailed out of bed and jumped in the shower, making every effort to speed things up so I wouldn't be too late.

Thankfully I had laid my clothes out the night before so I could get out the door quicker. I needed to be at the office quite a bit earlier this morning and every minute counts. I did my hair, makeup, put my clothes on and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I headed to my closet to grab my shoes - so I could leave - I noticed one pantleg was longer than the other. With further investigation, I found the hem was out! It was about 2 inches longer than the other leg. I didn't have time to fix it... so I had to strip down and find something else to wear.

After that was settled, I grabbed my laptop, fritos, and cookies (big office chili cookoff today) and headed out the door. I hopped in the MM and then realized I had left my purse inside. So.... back in the front door I go to track down the purse.

Finally... I was on my way and really not too late!

I get to work and everyone starts bringing in their goods for lunch... my phone rings. One of the girls that brought chili says 'I need to talk to you'. She asks if I will stir her chili for her periodically. Only makes sense because it's all setup right outside my office door. Then she says, in a very quiet voice, 'there is something else. While I was making the chili I noticed I only had one earring in. Can you also watch for the earring'. *my hysterical laugh inserted here* 'I don't know that it's in there, but I am not sure when I lost it. Do you think we should mention it to anyone?'

To that I say *still laughing*... no way! Chances are it's not in there... and if it is and someone finds it just act like you did it on purpose and it was all a big game and announce they won XYZ prize! hahaha

We made it thru lunch and no one found the earring. If they did... and they ate it (which I really doubt it because it was a fairly large hoop)... it will pass. (ouchie!)

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Traveling Chica said...

Sounds like a day!

I'm greatly enjoying the earring story. :) :) That's fabulous!