Friday, October 13, 2006

Multimedia message

At your service


Don Quixote said...

That picture is one big invitation to give that red nose a honk!

Circe said...

Do it, darlin! LOL

Traveling Chica said...

Ha! That's fabulous! I needed the laugh: thanks!

Wombat & Aspen said...

There's a gigunda market in "Circe" brand accessories waiting to be tapped.



Blondeeee "Circe" wigs.

C, please contact me soonest WRT licensing deal.

This is not spam.

Circe said...

TC and Wombat, I love you dearly. :)
Red nose and all, heck, maybe I have a very bad cold, eh? xoxoxoxoxo

Traveling Chica said...

Red noses are signs of bad colds, but round red noses means that you're changing species. So unless that comes off, you might want to go see a doctor before Santa has you in front of his sleigh in a few months. ;)

thephoenixnyc said...

I know a good plastic surgeon.