Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BD Blowout

Today is a very exceptional day for several reasons. A long time ago, 8 ½ years to be precise, in a galaxy far far away, “P” impetuously random chatted me on icq and we’ve been inseparable buddies ever since. Though he resides a mere 50 miles away and similarly works for an institution of higher learning, we have somehow managed to never lock eyeballs in person. However, it is a rare week that we don’t IM daily and I cannot imagine my life without him. Funny, witty, sarcastic and an unbelievable blast are just a few words to describe this comrade in arms. He has explored the deepest recesses of my mercurial mind and possesses some serious blackmail fodder. (Don't even think about it, "P"!) Incalcuable are the times he's had me LOLing at my desk as tears ran down my cheeks thanks to some outrageous remark he typed. He also has an uncanny knack of talking me into some of the zaniest, most bizzare internet schemes I wouldn't come up with in a million years. It’s like having a little IM devil on my shoulder whispering in my alarmed ear! And most of the time I DO IT! I suppose I should warn other IM friends that if a typed phrase or astonishing email doesn’t jive with the sweet and mannerly style of the Mz Circe you have come to know and love, it is very likely some fiendishly mischievous banter "P" cooked up and I receptively and willingly agree to parrot. In any event, Happy BD “P” darling and I hope we are still furiously typing back and forth for many eons to come. :)

Libra September 23 - October 23
Years of training as a Boy Scout will lead you to escort an elderly woman across the street and take sexual advantage of her defenseless body in a nearby alleyway.


mroctober said...

Thanks babe!
I love you more than my own wife, erm, life. Hell, both actually. *wipes away tears*

Traveling Chica said...

I guess Mr. October's comment explains to me why you two haven't hooked up.

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday P!!! Or, as I like to say.... Barfday!!!

p.s. bout damn time you commented on this thing! :P