Friday, September 01, 2006

Not for the bashful

I have been so busy this week traveling from one side of the state to the other... doing work in little towns here and there. Jay and I jabbered about everything from work, the weather, politics to birthing babies. We compared notes about favorite vacation spots and different clubs we'd been at and who to take where... we educated one another.

Today is an 'in the office' day. Thank God.... now I can catch up on some paperwork and check some sites!

This morning was the usual routine of me standing stark neekid in my closet staring at racks and racks of clothes and thinking I dont have anything to wear. I found a skirt but I couldnt throw anything with it. I had clothing block - kind of like brain block. However, I spied my new shoes that Richard had picked out for me a few weeks ago and I havent had a chance to wear them and it just so happened that they went perfectly with the skirt I was holding. So, I grabbed the shoes and built an outfit from there. It all went rather smoothly and I do look smashing....

I got to work this morning and sashayed down the hall and I got stopped by two men admiring my shoes... and how they make my legs look muscular. (they are muscular... even without the shoes!) We made small talk... giggled... and then I headed off to my office and got stopped again. Um, nice... uh... how are you this morning? I knew what he was getting at. I said 'you like my new shoes? Richard picked them out.. they are my stripper shoes!' He said 'exactly what i was thinking! Lets find you a pole!'

I think my shoes are a hit with all the guys... *giggle*

Thank you baby for buying me the shoes. ;)

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