Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over The Top Angel Goo

Last night while at the grocery store, I bought the best looking bunch of strawberries with intentions of making my crew angel food cake and strawberries. Tonite I got home from the gym and Richard had mowed the yard, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen and had C and P finished with their homework. They made their requests for dinner and I started cooking and while their tortilla soup was cooking I mixed up the angel food cake mix and then began my hunt for the cake pan. After digging for what seemed forever (probably only couple of seconds because that's about as long as my attention span is when digging for cooking accessories) I found the bundt cake pan and thought oh this will do.

Wrong o'! It won't do. After the cake had been cooking for a while I got to smelling this burned smell... i stirred the soup because I thought I was burning it, but it didn't act burned. It took about - no time at all - to think about the cake. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe it wouldnt fit in that pan because the regular pan i use for those kinds of cakes is alot bigger... but I thought for sure we could make due with this one. The other one is probably still boxed up - somewhere. I opened the oven door to see this (above). The biggest dump of mess... and the worst burnt smell. I threw a cookie sheet underneath it to catch what was left to overflow and left it to cook.

The final product (not the extra crunchies on the oven door, racks and bottom) turned out pretty good. The cake is great with the strawberries....

This weekend will be my first experience with Easy Off oven cleaner. I hope the stuff works... or i'll either a) have to call mom to come over to help or b) buy a new oven :)

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