Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jessica to keep Quiet!

On my way to work this morning I heard a little blip about how Jessica Simpson is ordered to not talk about her new album... then the radio siren said 'its not what you think', but I didn't get to hear what it was because I was at work and as normal... I was pushing the clock and needed to get inside.

I found it... she's lost her voice. That's it!!? I thought it was something - but its nothing.

Yesterday, on the same morning show, they had Nick Lachey call in and do an interview. That guy is so sweet and seems half way smart and he's done so much better without Ms Botox Simpson. Sending her packing has done him a world of good... then the thought crossed my mind: Jessica Simpson would be a good match for ol Kevin Federline. *giggle giggle*


Anonymous said...

hey circe! I'm with you on the whole "Jessica ordered to keep quiet" thing - i though it was ganna be some juicy gossip! but, no. And then, Daily Dump announces he's on vacation! Is the world coming to an end or what?! heehee
p.s. Luv the K-fed line! :)

Trouble said...

She lost her voice? Now she's perfect!!!

Bone said...

Honestly, I've never thought she was all that attractive.

There's something freaky about her huge facial features to me.

Kerry said...

Huge facial features... is that what you can them? *giggle*

She does have big teeth :)

I havent liked her since she started that reality show. She is just a complete airhead.