Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rhinestone Alcoholism

First I wanted to let you know I was at the tippy top of death’s doorstep this past weekend. Er, ok fine, actually I’ve been experiencing a nasty cold. This is my first and hopefully last snifflefest for the season. Though far from fatal, its symptoms certainly make for a miserable existence until the dreary course is run and the victim left to pick up the shattered pieces of their miserable existence. (Circe = Drama Queen)

Thanks to my untold suffering, I was unable to go boating or attend the Wichita Flight Festival this past weekend. Much as I would have loved to have gone, the real drawing card wasn’t present so I stoically dealt with the hand life gave me. Maybe next year…

I read where my No. 1 Snooky Wookums will be heading to Buckeye country in his quest for unfettered truth and the American way. We shall have to stay tuned.

The Topfive.com’s 5 Sequels to "Snakes on a Plane"

5> "Pee Wee's Big Snake Adventure": Pee Wee Herman Saves the day when a spitting cobra rears its ugly head in a theater.

4> "Must Love Snakes": A thinly disguised soft porn flick about a pizza delivery/escort service/pet store operation run by handsome gigolos. Ron Jeremy portrays all of the snakes.

3> "Snakes in a Skank on a Plane": Britney Spears stars as a young woman with a unique plan for smuggling rare reptiles.

2> "Asp Good as It Gets": Cantankerous Jack Nicholson's back, this time grousing about having to keep an eye on his gay neighbor's pink serpent -- *and* his pet snake!

1> "Snails on a Train": There's this train, see, in France....

I finally utilized my Cingular Rebate card while filling the cavernous, yawning jaws of my darling GP at noon. Normally I like to quickly slip my card through the slot and hurry on my merry way but this time I went inside to ensure the smooth operation of this unusual transaction. All went well and I even had a guy in line graciously offer to pay for the filling of my tank! I politely declined as I felt certain something else might be wanted in 'trade' had I naively acquiesced. ;)

Once again the spammers who enjoy filling my work email have resourcefully resorted to some startling subject lines in their hope to lure the unwary into blindly tripping headfirst into their malevolent, baited traps. “Rhinestone alcoholism” was probably the most fascinating followed by “petrificate your manhood.” I wonder if that’s anything like petrify? In any case, I don’t have a 'manhood' to try that on and even if I did, it sounds positively painful!

Have a trippin Tuesday,

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Wombat said...

Oh my, how DayQuil is proof of better living through chemistry.

If DayQuil was a person, it would have been awarded all the Nobel prizes as well as the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Hope you're feeling better, Miss C.