Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mexican Bar B Q

This past saturday was my sister and brother-n-law's annual Mexican Bar-B-Q... which for the first time in EVER that it was threatened by rain! It hasn't rained all summer - except for the little bit of rain we've gotten here in the past week - until friday night and saturday, and it clouded up and decided to rain and throw some lightning spears around. It actually was really nice... because had it not rained, it would have been sweltering hot so we were happy with the droplets of water. Mark grilled for hours and finally about 10:30pm we had slabs of ribs, grilled chicken and beef to make fajitas and all kinds of extra fixin's. Not to mention the countless drink concoctions going on in the kitchen. I kept everyone's glasses full of margaritas, strawberry and peach daiquiri's and Mark had wine taste testing. Someone brought smoked Halibut dip which was a favorite of yours truly!


Grant said...

Mexican BBQ? How does one grill a taco? :p

I had BBQ tofu gyoza once. Not terrible, but just not what tofu was intended for.

Kerry said...

Well, he grills fajita meat (chicken and beef) and he grills corn and peppers, etc... calls it a Mexican Bar B Q.

Pretty much just a big excuse to make margaritas and drink beer. lol