Monday, August 07, 2006

Perspiration Station

Though coming to work at 8 am was a welcome blessing, discovering the AC outage suffered by another building now includes our distinguished hallways was not the way to initiate the work week. This will result in a bitchy, perspiring staff before a heating and air specialist arrives this sweltering afternoon to alleviate the problem. I would wear a long-sleeved suit ensemble today. *sigh* I just heard student workers in the hallway loudly protesting this untenable state of affairs so this should prove to be one noteworthy Monday. I noticed one of our 'distinguished' faculty is helping in registrars today and is sporting a yellow sticky note nametag with his name scrawled on it. We are nothing if not professional. :)

Restaurant Revue

This past Saturday evening found TBC, me, sis, and brother-in-law sampling the gastronomic delights of a newly opened/renovated restaurant. This establishment was formerly a rowdy club with a somewhat morally tarnished reputation (and a snide alternate moniker). It was darn near impossible to keep the flashbacks at bay as I gazed around the section once housing the throbbing, gyrating dance floor. Though my immaculate reputation remained unsullied, I do vividly recall the night I pounced upon unsuspecting guys as they emerged from the lavatory requesting a spot on their dance card (never received a reply in the negative). One evening I went on a ‘country’ night and received dance lessons from some gracious, polite, accommodating cowboys. Oh the memories… ;)

TBC made for a lively dinner companion having tied one on prior to our dining experience and regaled us and nearby diners with loudly related, wince-inducing tales of all kinds of crap. Though a serviceable nightclub, I cannot recommend this locale as an eatery. Basically, the service was slow, the food cold or undercooked, and the prices too high for the quality and aggravation suffered. Next!

My sis-in-law was in town recently for a high school reunion leaving this a fitting finale:

The’s 5 Signs Your High School Reunion Is Going Badly

5. Although it sounds loftier, "Food Service Boiler Operations Chief" is just Wendy's-speak for "French Fry Guy."

4. The bar is run by the lunch ladies and the only drinks are Salisbury-steak coladas, sloppy Joe-tinis, and fish-stick sours.

3. Your toupee falls off while dancing to Foghat.

2. Your wife finds out from your former FFA buddies that your "little problem playing the ponies" didn't have anything to do with gambling after all.

1. All the guys keep hitting you up for lap dances--on your night off!


Kerry said...

did you run spellchecker on that story?

Circe said...

You know, Kerbare, I'm very meticulous about spellchecking everything before I post for our blog. Spelling counts, you know, and misspelled words leave an unfavorable impression!

dictionarily yours,

twisted panties said...

And that is why I'm refusing to attend our reunion.