Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friends From all Over

Yesterday afternoon, Richard and I joined a group of friends at Toby Keith's I love This Bar & Grill to listen to and support a fellow mate who was performing on the patio. Facing the blistering sun and heat, we sipped on drinks, jabbered and sang along to his version of today's, and yesterday's, famous tunes. Did I mention it was flippin' hot!? Good grief it was sweltering. He played and sang for three hours... and with each ticking minute, the sun bared down on him more and more. The patio became less 'covered' as the sun shone in the side. Gradually everyone began migrating to the other end of the patio to try to capture a few minutes of shade before the sun found them again. Sun shades. All I gotta say... they make them for patios ya know!

When the tunes ended, we skipped off to join Sunny and Teresa at Maker's for more refreshments and music... in the cool refreshing air conditioner. We chilled there for a few hours before I received a phone call from Tiff... she was in town for a Bachelorette party and wanted us to join! whoohoo!

We all tabbed out and headed for CityWalks. Because Richard and I didn't really dress for clubbing we were convinced we wouldn't get past the door. However, it just so happened that I dressed in my cute little tight t-shirt that says 'Constant Supervision Required' and the shortest little white shorts... which showed my neverending tan legs at their sexiest best! When confronted by the bouncer - requesting our ID's - he immediately noticed my, ummm, shirt. Then he turned to make a comment to the other bouncer... about my shirt. So we stood and giggled and chatted about the phrase... and how much 'trouble' I can get into. They paid no attention to our attire, but just turned to Richard and said 'very nice!' and waved us on in. haha

Once in the club, we had to find Tiff. Its a club with 7 different clubs under one roof... so she could be anywhere. Thanks to cell phone technology... text messaging I mean... we were able to locate the blonde bombshell in minutes. Just like old times, Tiff and I danced our booties off... and managed to attract several men to join us ;) Good Times! Oh yeah.... and really good times in that dark little room located just off the dance floor.... i'd love to see the pictures someone has on their digital camera that we all took. *snicker*


Circe said...

You and Tif look terrific. I miss that gal!

Kerry said...

Yep. so do I! Iwas so excited when she called!!!