Monday, August 07, 2006

No, Chang You

One thing I do miss about us being on Metalfly was that Richard had just set us up so we could do reviews. Movie reviews, restaurant reviews, wine reviews... whatever we desired and the entry would show with a little ditty to make it unique. Was kind of fun. Here... it's plain vanilla until we get some time to tweek it a little.

I just drove by P.F. Chang's a few minutes ago... every time I drive by I think "blah". It's not that great... not very good... nothing to write home about. The atmosphere reminded us of The Elephant Bar (really good food and great mixed drinks with a ton of beers on tap) which is loud and dark. I'd much rather get chinese food in the food court at the mall. I really don't understand why the parking lot is full all the time.... I think people are parking there and walking to the other restaurants in the area. The one cool thing was the booths... oversized and really comfy if you are with a large party. Otherwise... No, Thank You! I'll grab a sandwich.


Grant said...

Some morons (usually middle management) will frequent a place if they're told it's hip. That explains atrocious restaurants in the Atlanta area like the NY Cheesecake Factory - overpriced food that's barely edible, and yet they are always packed.

Kerry said...

It's us Upper Management that are not blinded by the 'hip' places and are able to differentiate between truly edible and those atrocious places!

Never been to NY Cheesecake either.... I doubt I ever go.