Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ohhh, Drummer Boy!

To help explain my multimedia message from last night...

Richard and I headed up to Baker Street Pub & Grill for Battle of the Bands. The place was packed as everyone prepared for the bands to battle it out. The winner of this battle gets to go on to Arlington for the finals (I think... kind of got lost in all the announcements).

Drummers are H O T!

The first band took stage (the picture I sent to blogger) and I noted that the drummer was hot (informed Richard.... who curled his eyebrow at me and took a drink). I also watched the lead singer... he reminded me of someone but I couldnt place it. But then it came to me - he reminded me of a 'Vladimir'. I again informed Richard of the guys new name, Vladimir, and that the drummer was hot. I think at this time I received a roll of the eyes and some comment.

At the break, we talked about getting a set of drums and C taking lessons and how drummers are H O T!

The second band takes the stage (Luma I believe was the band name)... and they were rocking! The drummer... not so striking... but the lead singer reminded me of someone. I thought and thought... and at one moment, while he was making out with the microphone, I got it! Bono! U2! That's who he reminded me of. I (of course) have to let Richard know of my findings.... drummer dude not as H O T as the first one, but the lead singer now has a name too! I think there was conversation exchanged between us, but I'm not sure as I was having to read lips - music was too loud. For all I know, he was making comments about the hot waitress... whatever it was I was smiling and agreeing. hahahaha... (she was a cutie patootie).

During Luma's performance I turned and sang It's gettin Hot in Herrre, lets take off all our clothes... haha not really, but I should have. It was hot in the room... it was asses to elbows at that point and very late. So, we tabbed and headed out. We totally missed the third band, so i'm not sure who won and is moving on... but good luck to whoever!

Note: I love you, Richard... you are my best friend. I'm so happy to have you as my husband and my run around buddy that I can share everything with... even down to my 'H O T' comments. *kisses*


Circe said...

Ker, you are SO lucky and should be thanking your lucky stars and vowing to love him ETERNALLY, because you will last till FOREVER and BEYOND.

Not enough ass-kissing or groveling, darlin. Please try harder next time!

evil twinsie

Kerry said...

I think i'm pretty lucky too. One of my friends here at work told me that too. She met him for the first time last weekend and they had a good time... she told me that i'm really lucky to have him. course he's lucky to have me too! hehe

I'll work on my ass-kissin. Of course I suck up in other ways too! :P