Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Re: Earthgirls

Love amongst the stars is every 'valley' girls dream and for Valerie (Geena Davis) it's a dream come true when love literally crash lands into her life in the form of intergalactic hardware plunging into her pool. For the three amorous aliens at the helm (Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans), the sight of an 'earth girl' in the shapely form of Valerie had proved too arousing, letting controls get out of hand.

One evening after a day of relaxing sun and fun, we happened to catch this enjoyable romp from 1988 on the screen. My viewing delight, however, was tinged with sadness knowing that Charles Rocket had committed suicide in 2005. Is it me or is/was Jeff Goldblum a serious hottie contender? Those eyes, those lips, that smoking bod. Rwwrrrr!

Jamaica pics paired with a brief synopsis should be on tap by Friday but today I will leave you with this profound quote:

Waste your brain; wax your board; pray for waves.

--From Woody in Earth Girls Are Easy


Sizzle said...

i have an inexplicable and mad crush on jeff goldblum.

TC said...

Jeff Goldblum? Seriously? Um, no way Jose :)

(Though that's by far the best pic of him I've ever seen.)

ChiaLynn said...

Jeff Goldblum... Oh, yes.

*Le Sigh. Le Swoon.*

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who likes that movie.

Big Ben said...

Earth Girls are Easy was a pretty funny flick, I remember watching it when I was about 11 or twelve, I'm sure I would appreciate more of the jokes now.

Circe said...

Sizzle--I am so smitten! I thought he was hot before actually, but this movie just confirmed it even more.

Chialynn--Loved the movie. Absolutely loved it! How had I missed this one?

yasmin said...

Only bought it to watch Charlie Rocket play Dr. Ted. But the film characters were funny all the same, especially the song about being a blond !!! Oh and the Woody quote in your blog - how funny is that.

Can't understand how I missed this when it 1st came on UK tv.

On a much sadder note Charlie committed suicide because he was suffering from the inside very badly - he got lost in his own mind & he never let on how he was feeling to his family.

He was a well respected, multi-talented human being. His suicide was a shock to his family & his friends.

in memory of Charlie Rocket