Thursday, February 21, 2008

End to the Madness

It brings me great joy, and at the same time a tear to my eye, to announce that next week is my final week of bootcamp. Unless I sign up again.

I've almost successfully completed my month of buttkickin' bootcamp and although Orientation sucked ARSE big time and I wanted to vomit and quit... I've really enjoyed going to class and making new friends. I also have more energy and have pushed myself to levels that haven't been challenged since the days of Coach Pain at Chaos College.

Drill Sgt Dave announced last night as Bring a Friend night. I took two. Well, one was my sister. Does that count as a friend!? I had an extra to spare just in case someone was missing their friend. He had some other chick - who I'd never met a day in my life - teach the class. I should mention that I really don't care to ever see her again either. She was a Biatch and bossy and in your face and loud and rough. I was sick of listening to her scream. Drill Sgt Dave is loud and bossy and in your face and blowing that damn whistle.... but he's motivating and fun and smiles while he does it. I missed him! She wasnt a very good person to put out front while we had visitors. My visitors wanted to barf. Most of the visitors looked pale actually... and the guy that was opposite me on most of the circuit training would stop dead in his tracks and be just white as a ghost and seconds away from passing out smooth on the sweat dribbled floor.

Afterwards, my friends said they liked it and would like to try it. HOWEVER only if it started slower and gradually advances. It does... and they got brought in on week 3 and that's where we're kicking out 300 jumping jacks in a minute. It's terribly fast. I asked the dude (opposite me) if he was going to join next month.... "OH HEALLLL NO!" lol

Next week will be sad. I hate to see it end, but i'm ready to take a break.


Angela said...

Good for you for making it through

Burg said...

Compared to you I really am the slothiest of all sloths.

Here's the new blog:

Kerry said...

Angela: Thank you! I'm excited about the chance to get to do it! It was fun.

Burg: I love the new site!

グラント said...

Why not sign up again? It won't be nearly as hard the next time through, plus maybe they'll finally move on to weapons training. You can put all that on your resume for your next job.

weatherchazer said...

Wow, I feel really lazy now.

TC said...

I would think that would kill, coming into it in week 3!

Spider Girl said...

I thought aquacize class was energetic...oh dear. You are made of tougher stuff than me, I do believe. :)

Kerry said...

Blogger formally known as Grant: Brilliant idea! I need to add a few more "interests and hobbies" to my resume.

Weather: nah... this class is alot of hard work.

TC: I felt sorry for the visitors. I knew what I felt like on week ONE... I cant imagine starting at week3!

Spider Girl: I'd love to try Aquasize... I take it it's a great cardio workout?