Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Like Living in Paradise

This must be just
Like living in paradise
Just like paradise
And I don`t want to go home.

--Just Like Paradise, David Lee Roth

Rather than spouting endless superlatives along the lines of “gorgeous,” “breathtaking,” and “magnificent,” I think I will mostly let the pictures speak for themselves. (But Jamaica was indeed beautiful!)

Our Resort--The RDCC

Our Building

Our Fav Waiter, Winston (what a cutie)

Our Fav Security Guard, Kevin

View from a table at the buffet

Massage Huts (yes, we both had one!)

One of the coves at sunset

Looking toward the individual huts at sunset

View from our balcony

Lush and tropical

The Caribbean from our balcony

Life-size chess board

The Swing Bar--Our favorite!

Yours truly

As you can see, it was hard to leave this lovely place. Wrap-up tomorrow..... :)


TC said...

This is the only time I can ever imagine telling you that I hate you and actually kind of meaning it.

(Kind of. Ok, Ok, so it's really my jealousy speaking.)

グラント said...

That's just like my vision of paradise, except that there are no snow-covered mountains and Japanese women. Also there's sand, sun, and surf, all of which I hate. You can keep it.