Monday, February 18, 2008

I's Returneth

Hello my darlings! Hugs and kisses to all. *smoochy smooch* Did ya miss me? (Please lie through your blogger teeth and give me a big ole "hell ya!") I'm playing catch up on the comp today and getting through a billion emails. Woot! You wouldn't think being gone for just a week would be that bad, but it is. Jamaica was wonderful and it was hard to leave, but I guess one cannot stay in paradise indefinitely. (with the exception of Trouble.) Such is life.

I had a fantastic time in Jamaica and came back with a lovely tan. I made sure to slather on the sunscreen so this lily white skin would not suffer unduly. Yes, I do look kinda red in this pic but the camera is deceiving though god knows my hair looks like crap here. It may take awhile for all the fruity rum cocktails (and wine) I downed to dissipate but it sure was fun while it lasted. I can’t seem to get the reggae tunes that blared from the loudspeaker at the jetty bar out of my head either. Anyway, I do know I’m not sorry I missed all the accreditation crapioca stress and now things shall return to the usual, normal chaos.

I could so get used to 80 to 85 degrees every day. At least there wasn't snow on the ground when we got back in Saturday night, but we had to deal with severe storms in Houston and the planes all got delayed resulting in a midnight Tulsa return and a very soggy drive home. It was 2:30 am by the time we pulled into the carport and even later when I got to bed. I was dead tired yesterday but feeling pretty good today. Pictures will be posted later this week. Ya mon!


Sizzle said...

here ya go: "Hell Ya!"


i wish i could go somewhere where i could get tan. and by tan i mean sunburned and freckled.

Kerry said...

Yeah!!! I wanna see pictures!!!

TC said...


We have missed you! And I'm not lying cuz I suck at it :)

グラント said...

More pics! With you making out with Japanese women! Sun, surf, reggae - bleah. Give me freezing temps and heavy metal any day. I think I'll move to Norway.

Wombo said...

What's that funny sweet smell, Circe?

Rum perfume?

Essence of Marley?

Yay, you're back!

Circe said...

Sizzle--Thank you sweetie! I know what I did get tanwise is going to fade entirely too soon.

Kerbear--I downloaded the pics to my home comp but I need to get them onto the work one and then post them. Gotta work on that...

TC--ever the kind one. :) I always think of you now when I travel.

The Symbol Formerly Known as Grant--I even missed you, Mr. Grouchy Guss. :P
I didn't see one Asian face there so would you settle for a UK, German or Canuck gal? Yanks were very outnumbered at this resort. And I like heavy metal too. :)

Wombo (also known as Wombie)--Yeah, I may have added a few scents to my repertoire. Maybe. Or not. No telling with me.

owen said...

Hell ya - white girl

thephoenixnyc said...