Thursday, February 15, 2007

VD Update

For Valentine's Day, Richard sent me to the spa for a Pedicure... and then he took me out to eat at Keller in the Castle, which is now Castle Falls. I guess at some point in time in the last few years, the ownership has changed and the name was changed. However, rumor has it.... that the chef has stayed the same.

It was scrumptious! It's German food... and absolutely delicious! We also did some beer taste testing and Richard found the German beer i've been looking for! Many years ago I tasted a German beer in Arkansas that I just loved. I didnt know the name of it (because I couldnt pronounce it) but I knew it was a dark beer and had a sweet taste to it. We've sampled many a beer between the time we met and tonight and we've not been able to find the one.... but we found it!

I still don't know the name... cuz I still can't pronounce it, but Richard knows....

I love you baby... thanks for dinner and being persistent in finding the drink! You're an awesome date!!! I'm very lucky to have you..... *kisses*


Angela said...

Glad you had a good Valentines day. Isn’t it great when things go great. Hope P feels better.

Kerry said...

He feels much better today and he's planning on heading back to school tomorrow. Thanks!!!