Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cliff Hanger

OMG!!! Have you been watching Grey's Anatomy?

What's up with Meredith? They left us tonight with her life wittling away.... surely this isnt the end of her character. It is Meredith Grey.... Grey's Anatomy. They will have to change the name of the show!

The Show formerly known as Grey's Anatomy and then there will have to be a sign to take its place.

Do you think they are going to start narrating it with Meredith (like they do now) but have her do it from the grave (Desperate Housewives)!?


Angela said...

I think they should have someone in a scary movie do it. It would put a new spin on the show.

socal sweetie said...

Oh no, I'm not caught up with my Grey's, (behind like 3 episodes), but now I feel like I HAVE to go on to watch!

Big Ben said...

They should have a show where the entire cast gets killed. That would be funny.

Kerry said...

Angela: My new spin idea is to get rid of Izzy. I'm sick of her character all together... the whole Denny story ruined her I think.

Sweetie: Go catch up darlin'!! The last two episodes have been 'coninued' and this next one will be the conclusion. So catch up on the last two and watch this next week!

Ben: I gather you dont care much about Grey's ;) hehe