Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy VD!

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is day 3 (or 4 if you count Sunday) of P's flu. He got up this morning and wanted to try to go to school, but within an hour of being there the school nurse called me and said P's temp was at 101 and he was groggy. So... I sent his Auntie to pick him up and I came home to baby him some more. Thankfully my job is one that I can work just about any time of the day and I can do part of it from home, so I'm working at night so I can be with him during the day.

A true test for a man - to see if he's really sick - is the food test. I bought P a pizza for lunch and he nibbled on one piece. Usually, he can put away 3 or 4 pieces. He also grabbed a piece of chocolate candy, took one bite and said 'that tastes weird' and threw it away.

He's definitely not feeling well.


Traveling Chica said...

Poor thing! :(

Kerry said...

Me or P? ;)

I do feel sorry for him... it's crappy feeling crappy.

Traveling Chica said...

Hmmm ;)

but you, for having to feel the pain of your little angel.

Bone said...

Ah, the food test. I've never heard that. But now that I think about it, that's right!

Hope you enjoyed your VD, Kerry. Hope P gets well soon.