Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tis the Season for Kleenex

Today is day 2 of P's flu. Actually, I guess it could be day 3.... but I really wasnt counting sunday because we didn't stay in or anything. We ran around with him sick, not realizing how sick he was.

P is never sick. That kid is tough as nails and shakes off every snotty sneezing thing that comes his way but sunday I should have paid more attention. I woke up to him fully dressed in jeans and a sweater. This is the kid that strips at the front door.... chooses nudity over chocolate!

Sunday night he had a temp of 101, so I knew that it was highly possible that we might not be going to work/school on Monday. Sure enough. He was feverish, eyes all red, chest rattling, labored breathing, etc. I tried to get in to see his doctor but after 15 minutes of being on hold I said 'ahhhh screw it!' and we took off for the Urgent Care Center.

We nestled down in our chairs to wait for our names to be called, I chatted with a guy waiting and P dozed off to sleep. It wasnt but a few minutes later he sat straight up and said 'I think i'm going to throw up'. My pointer finger reacted and I very urgently commanded 'get to the bathroom!' He took off running for the door. *wheew, he made it* I heard the gut wrenching hurls and in a few minutes he opened the door.... and I spotted it. chunks all over the floor. He walked up to the nurses desk and told them he needed a cleanup on isle 5 *blah*

He said down (said he felt better... of course) and I asked him if he 'made it'. He said, 'not really. I got most of it on the floor and some in the sink'. My stomach churned. I don't do vomit. I'll be right along beside him if I have to go in there. I checked with the receptionist and she said they would clean it up and she tried to explain to me that it was 'ok'... that's why he's here. True.....

They got us in very quickly after that. lol He has Type A flu. I have no idea what that means... there is type A and type B... both are the flu. So, he has the flu.

On the way home, I called Richard to give him the results and I said 'he threw up his cookies in the doctors office!'. P looked at me and said 'no I didnt mom, it was bacon. I had bacon for breakfast.... not cookies'.

HAHAHAH that kid is so cute!


Traveling Chica said...

Aww, hope he feels better soon!

And that the rest of you manage to not get sick!

nunu said...

Bless his heart!! I hope he is feeling better soon and the rest of the family avoids it!! Wash your hands often!!!

I have heard there is a lot of kids out of school here in the southwest with the flu or whatever they are calling it.

Burg said...

Mine oldest is sick again. She missed two days last week with an ear infection and has been on antibiotics since last Monday. She was well for a whole four days before coming down with something else Sunday while still on antibiotics. I'm taking her back to the doctor tomorrow. The baby still isn't doing great either. I'm about to go nuts... I hate it when they're sick!

Oh, and I love the cookies/bacon comment.. What a doll! How old is he?

CruiserMel said...

LOL @ the cleanup on aisle 5 remark. The little guy has a bright future as a blogger.