Friday, February 09, 2007

Jury Duty is Over!

I never did share the results of my Tour of Duty (Jury Duty).

I'm not sure how deep into details I can, or should get, but in the end 12 of us determined that this particular time this person was not guilty. We were pretty sure that he was up to no good and probably fixing to be in trouble, but at that particular time... he was not guilty of what he was being accused of - possession of drugs. Evidence did not prove his guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So, after spending one whole year in jail awaiting a court date, he finally walked free. It was the hardest thing to not consider his previous felonies and choice of lifestyle and friends... but all we could consider was the evidence provided us. Boy, it sure it a little nerveracking to think that maybe, we were letting some major criminal go free simply due to lack of evidence on the prosecutors side.... but still, that's all we could go with. We felt, and still feel, confident in our decision.

I made some good contacts though... and a couple of new friends!

Now.... on to working on my taxes. blah!


Angela said...

You did your duty. Good luck on your other duty... taxes. Smile!

Kerry said...

Thanks Angela!

Burg said...

Whoop-ti-doo! Tax returns!! Mama's got a brand new deduction!!!


Kerry said...

HAHAHAHHA... good for you, burg ;)

I'd get a dog if I could claim it!!

Traveling Chica said...

That would really suck about jury duty. Better you than me, better you than me. :)