Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm Stylin'

Doesn’t this make an attractive accessory for my black sweater? Yes, I do realize it's backasswards but we are all proficient at deciphering mirror-speak, right? A gal in the financial aid office asked me to wear this sticker today and again tomorrow and I agreeably complied, but it just doesn’t do much for my ensemble.

And here is a pic of the startling object I found on the printer desk my plant perches on. Did I miss a vicious knife fight between rival gangs while I was blissfully walking the treadmill at lunch? At least it looked clean and ick-free.

To file in memory banks for next year’s blowout…

The Topfive.com’s 16 Signs You're at a Lame Super Bowl Party

16> Your friends cheer for the Budweiser Clydesdales and
groan at the Coors twins.
15> Your host serves plenty of crab cakes and Chesapeake
Lager,blissfully unaware that the Colts no longer play in
14> Tough to hear the commentary over all the knitting.
13> Your host's homemade giant plasma screen TV is leaking
all over the carpet and he wants to know if you're type A
12> For the 250,000th time, some moron says, "Da Bearz!"
11> Your boss says, "As long as you're going to the break
room, why don't you make 20 copies of the Whittaker proposal."
10> Your drunken buddy casually mentions how much better the
game would be if offensive lineman wore only thongs.
9> You miss the opening kickoff when your host insists on
watching the last five minutes of a "Will & Grace" rerun.
8> No one is allowed to do a Jell-O shot without first
hearing the host's Bill Cosby impression.
7> The guy who organized it refers to fondue as "FUNdue."
6> TV's broken, game's on the radio and Earl and Danny are
reenacting the action using marionettes.
5> "Like those Tofurkey nachos, Bob? The Tupperware bowl
they're in comes in six attractive colors for only $6.99."
4> Who knew Costco even *made* beer?!
3> After every botched play, your host, a former pro football
star, insists on showing you how he would have done it--if
he had done it.
2> "Okay, everyone: Whenever that Peyton guy throws a
touchdown, we each do a sudoku!"
1> The only wardrobe malfunction involves too much Zima and
your own man-boob.

Deranged entities stumbled their way to our preshus blog thanks to these recently-searched phrases. Though not nearly as entertaining, bizarre and gutbustingly funny as Kranki’s, this list it is nevertheless quite the eye-opener.

-spitting cobra fountain

-sagittarius female alcohol

-cold cut trio happy Gilmore

-eye of newt hangover

-cooties bug pictures

-the witches prosthetics photos

-guy sat on his face

-cats with broken tails

-a voice so husky she could pull a sled with it

-crotch itch after consuming alcohol

-braless fun

-blogging to find companionship

That last one is kind of sweet actually, but I’m very concerned about the party looking for witches with photogenic prosthetics. ;)


Traveling Chica said...

Too funny!

But honestly, as bad as that Super Bowl was, perhaps Will & Grace reruns wasn't such a bad alternative...

Circe said...

I'm still sorry I was unaware of the Puppybowl. That had to be just adorable. :)

Dave Evanns said...

weird - I asked for a spitting cobra fountain for christmas, but never got it.

Traveling Chica said...

Yeah, I'm sorry I missed it too.

We can mourn the lost opportunity together.

Circe said...

Dave, actually that does sound like a pretty cool fountain now that I think about it... :)

Bone said...

Um, in the "there are no stupid questions only stupid people" category... what is fafsa?


Those 16 signs had me smiling big throughout.

Oh, and sorry about the crotch itch search O:)

Circe said...

Thank you dear Bone, I was waiting for someone to ask me what FAFSA stood for. And it is Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Um, I had to look it up as I had a good idea, but not sure I could have told anyone just off the cuff. :)

And yes, we are the place to come to for solutions regarding crotch itch. *giggles*