Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gimme the Chocolate

I came home from work tonight and Richard had set a bowl of M&M's on the side of the Jacuzzi tub in our bathroom. I reached in the bowl to grab me a few and I noticed that they had sayings on them. I thought it was like those confection candy hearts that you get as a kid (and as big kids) in the little boxes... you know the ones that have all those different little love lines. But... after closer inspection I saw my name! He had the M&M's specially made for me!!! He is the sweetest thing ever!


Burg said...


Traveling Chica said...

This is both adorably cute and... okay, I'll keep my anti-Vday opinions away from your happiness. :)

nunu said...

He is so sweet!!!

Kerry said...

Thank you guys! He is a sweetie pie... he tries to tell me every day how much he adores me :) hehe.

TC: Your comment makes me think of a VDay, or anti-VDay card I read the other day. Dang, if i could just remember exactly how it went! I should go buy it and send it to you ;) It was hilarious!!!

Traveling Chica said...


Well, that's sweet of you.

I'm sure I'll live, but if you remember what it says, I'm sure come Wednesday I could use the laugh. :)