Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rosie Cheeks

Again this morning I heard something interesting on the radio.

Something about Rosie and her co-host Elisabeth. I only heard enough to know there was trouble in paradise - which there really hasn't ever been paradise because ever since the announcement that Rose O'Donnell was joining the crew, there has been conflict.

But this little bit of info made me Google... and I found:

As TMZ told you recently, Rosie's having a tough time blending in at "The View" – and today,
reports suggest that Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't quite hack her outspoken co-host
either, and it's making her cry "every day." According to an inside source cited
by Rush & Molloy, Hasselbeck "gets so upset all the time" and "can't contain her feelings,"
thus leading to the daily river of tears, especially because "no one can control
Rosie." It seems that Ro's staunch (and strongly expressed) lefty political views are
just too much for the right-winged Elisabeth; indeed, "View" watchers have been waiting anxiously for the pair to really push each
others' buttons on such topics as gay marriage and the war in Iraq.

Tension between the two has certainly simmered on-camera, but Rosie's rep
maintains, as she did to TMZ, that everything is cool, and says that Elisabeth
"was at Rosie's house this weekend. They might not agree on politics but that's
what makes the show great." Oh, and there this: "The View's" ratings are up 59%
from the pre-Rosie era.

They aren't up because of her sparkling personality or that she has such a huge following. They are up because no one wants to miss the cat fight. It will happen. So everyone tunes in every morning and they sit and wait.... patiently... for the moment when all hell breaks loose and someone has had enough of Rosie's mouth and they lay her out all over the studio floor. Elisabeth just might be the one!

I wish what's her face hadn't replaced Katie on the Today Show and I certainly wonder 'what the #$#% were you thinking!?' when they put Rosie on The View!

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