Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Well this has just been quite the week so far. I have suffered from alternating allergy/sinus crap with today being a nice even split featuring glazed, watery eyes and sneezing this morning and dizziness and pressure this afternoon. And to add to my woes, I was labeled a Dizzy Blonde! *arches brow at F* Yesterday I careened my way down our private hallway in search of the water cooler, trying desperately to avoid bonking into the walls as I veered pinball-like back and forth in my effort to remain upright. When attempts were made to specify on our bulletin board my expected location first thing this am (eye doc to pick up a contact lense), I could actually feel the pressure in my ears changing. Prescription meds keep me up all night with their powerful decongestant and the over-the-counter Claritin didn’t faze my symptoms one iota so I gave up and took plain aspirin. Sure wish it would cool off, rain or both. As I’ve mentioned before, hot, dry, and windy conditions simply wreck Ms Circe’s physical well-being let alone cheery disposition.

Remind me not to deposit my laden plate anywhere near Water Buffalo’s vicinity when attending employee functions in the cafeteria area. To put it mildly, she suffers from an acute case of what my dear dad termed ‘diarrhea of the mouth.’ While the rest of my little group quietly ate their delectable choices from the buffet table, our ears were relentlessly assaulted by loud, annoying verbiage issuing forth from Mz Chatty Cathy. We all politely listened to her endless blather about nothing and at the first opportune moment I jumped up, excused myself, and fled the room. I was also afraid a certain VP in attendance known for his long-winded speeches might take advantage of the hapless, cornered attendees and regale us with whimsical tales unrelated to the purposeful reason we were gathered together—a favored colleague’s retirement.

It was bound to happen. TBC was presented his very own cell phone four weeks ago and yesterday managed to forget he had one, leaving it on the pickup truck thereby sending it hurtling off upon engagement of said vehicle. Can we say ‘oops’? After retracing his tracks, he discovering the poor darling shaking and crying by the side of the godforsaken road and immediately snatched it up and recovered it. I imagine a sordid tale of neglect and ill-treatment would pour from its metal mouth if it could speak. I examined the patient last night and found it none the worse for wear, though it bears some deep, embedded scars on its shiny backside. TBC needs to shower his poor child with some TLC. ;)

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Traveling Chica said...

Sounds like a rough day, Circe. *hugs* Hope things improve.