Monday, September 18, 2006

Still Life

This weekend was the civilized art festival and though somewhat windy, the weather proved pleasant and cooperative. Our locality and surrounding area has some gifted talent and a suitable picture was purchased to hang over the bistro table. Another local artist crafts the most gorgeous pieces and often shows her skilled handiwork at Chaos College. Several years ago I bought a lovely vase she had for sale and was thrilled to see more of her excellent designs at the event. Sure enough, exquisite urns called to me from their burnished shelf and I selected a lovely piece to add to my collection. Other earthenware products I have long yearned to possess are handmade goblets. Several artists displayed them but I narrowed down my favorites and proudly purchased two medieval-looking drinking utensils. Possessions in hand, we bid farewell to this year’s fete and headed for the vehicle. Several live pics were posted Saturday afternoon to give one and all a taste of this enjoyable occasion.

Friday night we visited sis and bro-in-law and “J” decided this might be an opportune time to rummage through my petite yet overstuffed handbag to ascertain just what sisser feels compelled to lug around on a daily basis. He took great pleasure in pulling items out and remarking on them, taking particular pleasure in questioning what ‘drugs’ were contained in ambiguous cylinders. He also commented on the excessive amount of lip and eyeliners, the necessity of transporting cinnamon breath strips (I'll never tell), and just what that soft, fluffy white object was nestled in the corner? (It’s called a kleenex, J) Fortunately, all items passed this rigid inspection and nothing of a dubious, controversial nature was detected. Do I look stupid enough to carry around contraband? :) LOL

A solemn, semi-annual observance occurred this weekend as I participated in the traditional “Changing O the Box.” With mixed feelings I rummage through the unwieldy cardboard container and replace summer garments with winter attire and vice versa. Though still conformed to, the scale has been somewhat reduced thanks to the increased amount of clothing now slung across plastic hangers plus the additional use of another closet. Nevertheless, this remains a time-honored marking of the seasons in Circeville.

Today I’m on the receiving end of merciless harassment thanks to my team once again getting its butt kicked this past Sunday. To add insult to injury, my FFB team lost also. No place to go but up, eh?

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Even after having spent 25 years as a geologist, you still freeze up every time you meet someone at a party and they ask you which is your favorite stratum of the earth's crust.

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