Monday, September 18, 2006

Some Sites

Last night we headed to South Beach to check out the happenings - and oh my, there were happenings. Its wild and crazy. Clothing is optional and size doesnt matter. While having drinks and grabbing a bite to eat at Wet Willie's some crap started going down across the street and people came out of nowhere to watch, the police showed up and it was the craziest scene. Some girl laid into a guy... fight right there on the sidewalk and people gathered like it was free entertainment. About an hour later (one street over) we were walking along and whammo! Screams and hollaring and lots of violent language like "Danny! You F'd it up! You always F it up!" the situation was quickly approaching us so we darted across the street to avoid whatever altercation was fixing to take place. It's wild there... people everywhere and apparently last night wasn't even a busy night. A girl downstairs told us 'wait til thursday, friday and saturday!' The beach is so nice though. Headed to the pool... more later!

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