Monday, September 18, 2006

Miami Vice

We made it to Miami... no one speaks English here. Actually, I'm pretty sure we're not even in the United States anymore. They obviously don't require driver's license's or offer driving classes... you are just on your own. Pick it up and go, I guess. I met a couple in the elevator today and I walked down the street with them for lunch. They are from L.A. and come to Miami every year for work and they own some property here. They just dart out in the traffic like a game of Frogger. Mr L.A. said 'you arent used to this are you!?' Did the look on my face when they just jumped out in front of cars make it that obvious that i'm not a local!?

I also met a couple at the pool from New Jersey. I chatted with them most of the afternoon yesterday and they have invited us to join them at a Cuban restaurant in South Beach.

I also met a guy in the elevator that had just returned from a run and we got to chatting about the air, and how it's different in other parts of the country. Well, anyways... that not important. What is important is the fact that while i'm talking to him he reaches up and wipes sweat from his cheek and sucks it off his finger. *vomit in my throat* then he reaches up and gets more from his forehead and eats/drinks (whatever!) that too! *grabbing trashcan to blow chunks while I type this*. I coudnt look at him anymore. That is the grossest thing i've ever seen.... I have successfully avoided him since.

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