Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

It wouldn't be like Florida to not rain a bit every day. I've been to the sunny state many many times and yesterday was the first day that i've ever experienced an entire day with no rain. Today, was back to normal. Richard and I headed across the street for lunch in the nice hot sunshine (clouds way over there) and as we sat eating, rain started dumping. We thought we would wait for the downpour to let up, however it proved to be too time consuming as he had a meeting he had to get to. So.... we had to brave it. We had 6 lanes of traffic to cross, which means we stood and waited quite some time to get 'clearance' to paddle across (another game of Frogger).

We laughed so hard though... it would have topped it off if someone had driven by and splattered us with sheets of puddle water.

Richard hasnt made it one day without getting something on his clothes. Sunday, while on the plane, he spilled his coke on his jeans and also on the girl next to him who was napping and clueless as to what happened to her white skirt. It looked like he pee'd his pants. Monday, he got chocolate on his pants... looked like he poo'd. *giggle* Last night, he got steak sauce on his shirt - right smack dab in the middle where his belly button is. Today, he gets bar-b-q ribs for lunch and all dressed in white. I knew for sure he'd come out wearing the stuff and he almost had a mishap, but managed to save himself. He gets out of the restaurant spot free then has to hike across the street in pouring rain. He made it clear to me that this didnt count... he didnt do it. HAHAHAH

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