Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh Happy Day

My intentions at lunch were to just run a quick errand. I had a check I needed to deposit and I needed to get some cashola. I jumped in the MM and while getting situated I spotted a couple of bills that needed to be dropped off at the post office, so I rummaged thru my filing system (console) and found the stamps. Only two left, so that meant I also needed to get stamps, which I might as well do today since I'm dropping off these bills.

I headed off to the bank, signed the check, filled out the deposit slip and sent it on its way to the teller. She messages back ' we need your ID so you can receive cash back '. I go digging for my ID and it is nowhere to be found. I panicked but then quickly realized it's in Richard's wallet. Right where I put it Saturday night so I wouldnt have to carry a purse. I very sweetly push the call button and explain that I don't have my ID with me. 'Just a moment' and she obviously consults with someone. She comes back to tell me that they will go ahead and give me cash but next time I must have my ID with me. Okie dokes...

So on to the post office. I hop out of MM with my bills and cashola in hand to get stamps and when I walk in, a flipping line 15 people deep and one, only ONE, person working the counter. I watched as the other people in front of me seemed irratable - indicating that they'd already waited a good amount of time. The guy working the counter seemed in no hurry. He was helping two little Indian guys (dot, not feather) with a huge adult size box that they were wanting to mail. Counter guy whipped out a tape measure and measured all angles, weighed it, had deep discussions with little guys, measured some more... while the people in line rolled their eyes and huffed and puffed in disgust. I decided that today might not be the day to buy stamps, so I jumped out of line and hopped back in the MM. Just as I was pulling out, the two little guys came waltzing out the front of the post office carrying the adult sized box. They didn't mail it afterall.

I wasn't hungry before, and had no intentions of eating, but at this point I was starving. I drove around the corner to Wendy's and grabbed a salad and a diet coke. I checked the sack and it had all the goods... except a straw. I'd already pulled too far out of the drivethru to grab one, so I had to wing this. I wore white pants today... panic ran thru me. Not only that, but I got the southwest salad... complete with chili. lol

I made it chili-spot and diet coke free!

I got back to work and a friend of mine had sent me an email with this picture attached. Maybe this is a message to me. hahahah

Blogger is taking forever to upload pictures. I sent a mulitmedia picture and it's never shown up... maybe I should just call it a day and go shopping.

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