Sunday, September 10, 2006

Look for the Button

Last night we went with a few friends to play some pool and at my first potty break I found the toilet in... well, working condition, but it made me wonder. The top of the tank was off and laying on the floor and a sign hung over the back saying "Push blue button to flush toilette". I checked out the situation before sticking my hand anywhere near that contraption. I looked inside the tank and saw a blue button and for fun thought i'd push it and see what happened. Sure enough the toilet flushed. Now I realized why the ten girls before me had chosen not to flush the toilet. The idea of sticking your hand in there is really kinda gross, but the button wasnt in water or anything.

A few minutes later one of the girls I was with came back to the group and was talking about this blue button and while she was talking, I realized it said toilette. I asked Richard 'how do you spell toilet (he thinks i'm crazy anyway so you can imagine the look on his face when I ask how to spell such an elementary word), I had to double check myself because at that moment I was visualizing toilette and i'm pretty sure that's not how you spell it and i'm pretty positive they weren't going for a more snazzy French version of the word. Kind of like how we say Target like Tar-jae... not Tar-GET. Its Toilet... not Toi-le-tay.

I told him that the sign said toilette. We confirmed that is totally incorrect so off to the Toi-le-tay I went to snap a picture. I sent them to our other site... you can check them out there.

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