Monday, March 31, 2008


A tornado hit our area last night. Not too far from my house. So close I could almost spit on it and not one time did the sirens go off. We stayed up pretty late last night watching the weather and seeing what was expected. The storms were pretty brutal but it was going to swing around us and we'd probably only get some wind and rain.. maybe a little hail but nothing super major.

We headed off to bed and about an 1 1/2 hours later, Richard got up and flipped on the weather again. Nothing. The weather guy had nothing catastrophic to talk about and seemed the worst was over.

This morning we got up and as part of our normal routine we turn on the news and see what we're faced with for the day and I'll be darn if a tornado didn't wipe out a house and tear up a few other houses less than a mile from us! Seriously!! Its just right over there! *pointing* In fact, two major roads within a mile from our house were shut down today due to storm damage and OG&E was working on it all day.

I asked Richard if the sirens had gone off. He didn't hear them. I didn't hear them. All day long I'd bump into people and they'd ask "did you hear sirens?" Nope. Not one. Neither did anyone else. We grew pissed at our city for not warning us! We figured they spent all their siren fund in testing and couldn't actually blow them in the event of a real situation because we've spent our wad testing every saturday at noon!

Tonight on the news the little weather guy explained. The storm was right over and us and out of nowhere (obviously) a tornado drops on those houses. No warning... nothing. The families all hid in bathrooms and closets. No one was hurt, thankfully.

It occured at the exact time Richard hopped out of bed to watch the weather. Weird!!!


グラント said...

If they sounded the alarms, it would frighten people. Better to let them die peaceably in their sleep.

TC said...

I'm glad no one was hurt!!!

Circe said...

And after what OKC went thru in '99 this is totally astounding! Remember when the tornado hit just a few miles from me on MY road in '04? On my BD??! Course, I'm in the boonies so I never hear a siren...

nunu said...

I wondered if you were able to escape the tornado other night. Talk about a close call!! Glad that you guys are/were safe!