Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Errbody in Da House Gettin Tipsy

It's rainy and cold today! Isn't it April and supposed to be spring!?!??

I just left the dermatologists office. I've had this funky itchy rash on my hands the past month or so and he's been treating it so today was my checkup.

He told me that I had to destress. He said stress is hurting me and if my hands are showing signs, that means my entire body is having problems. He then asked what could be causing me stress. Well... I have a new baby and a new job. I can't destress that stuff. lol He said "do you have an Au Pair" *insert hysterical laughter here*

No. I do it myself.

He said "you need to talk to hubby and tell him it's time to get an Au Pair"

Again hysterical laughter to myself.

Then he followed with I probably need to make a job change.

This job change IS my job change! So change from my change!?!? That might be possible. Heck it might be necessary. After today, I was considering it anyways.

Then he asked if he could help by giving me Prozac. As lovely as the thought is... I declined. I need to learn to relax and help myself... myself! I dont want to depend on a pill. Even though its a tiny dose, I dont want to become dependant. I'll just drink myself silly instead. I think I'll enjoy that treatment more.

Margarita's anyone!?!?


Richard said...

"April Showers Bring May Flowers" That's what I always heard as a kid...

And yeah, you need to destress, I've only been tellin ya that for oh, say 6 months... haha

But hey, if ya wanna drink, let's get one... ;)

Au Pair, what world is he from?

TC said...

Yes, please :)

Hope you find a way to destress soon!

Kerry said...

That's what I thought. First of all, all I ever hear are bad things about them on Dateline or 20/20. Secondly, I suspect he's making a crapload more than me and probably has 3 Au Pairs and heck maybe doesn't even know his kids names cuz he's working and they are taking care of kids... blah blah blah.. i could go on and on.

So... can we get a nanny?

TC: Awesome! Come join me. Or I'll come there. Where is there!? I'm up for travel. That's always destressing.

Burg said...

Take up knitting.. Worked for me. Take up drinking while knitting.. It might make for some neato projects until you see them stone sober anyways..

Au Pair... I'd have said "What's wrong with the pair I already got?? You dabblin' in plastic surgery now there Dr. Feelgood??" But I'm kind of a smart ass like that...

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Me...ME...PICK ME!

There is little in life that a stiff margarita can't cure!

My dentist once told me (while treating me for severe TMJ), "You need to lose the kids, husband, and the job...or wear this guard for all the teeth grinding."

I am so wise...I chose NEITHER!

グラント said...

I would send you an e-card for your upcoming birthday, but your profile doesn't contain your e-mail addy or a naughty picture, so you get nothing.

Kerry said...

Sweet cheeks... you can get me here

I have plenty of naughty pics too ;) Just not on this site. That site costs money :)

Burg: I will drink while knitting! I'll drink while working, drink while cleaning, drink while.. well you get the picture.

Queen: HAHA I love it when they give their advice and it's something totally absurd. Probably a good think you didnt get rid of the kids, hubby and job!