Friday, April 04, 2008

Surely You Jest

Let’s see. March ended and April began much like an angry, ferocious lion by throwing tornados at us. This was followed by April Fool’s Day but my merry band of IT warriors were too busy getting ready for the academic contest we hosted on Wednesday to do much about it. And even though I’ve been minus parts of my group on various days, things have managed to stay hectic this entire workweek. Throw in Chaos College electing a new prez (though this won't take effect until July) to replace our departing Grand Poobah, and you can understand why busy is an understatement around here. Ch-ch-ch-changes, eh? Things are picking up speed as many events preface the grand finale better known as Commencement. And this culmination of educated toil and sweat arrives about a week early this semester.

I’m totally hooked on and if you hear loud peals of laughter emanating from my end of the building, this is the reason why. Happy weekend! :)

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