Saturday, September 22, 2007

November Showers

Ok... more baby stuff I have to share.

Today my sister and friend, Fachaitte had a baby shower for our little jewel and we had such a good time! We got a ton of neat things plus loads of cute cute little clothes! We got a bicycle trailer and a gymnasium for her to play in/on/with, plus diapers and wipes and booger suckers, and blankets and toys and pacifiers. We got quite a bit to help take care of our new little joy.

The centerpiece for the snack table was a diaper cake (non-edible). How cute is this!?!??

You can never have too many diapers and wipes! THANK YOU!!!

Such fun times...

Circe sent a pink camo outfit!!! *kisses* Circe! Thank you!! That was so sweet!!!

My friend Tanya and her sister along with Lisa. I worked with them (minus Tanya's sister who is here visiting from Russia) at Chaos College.

Kitchen table chit-chat

Everyone had a onsie to decorate for the baby to have to remember her shower.

I gave each of the hostesses pink fluffy slippers, glitter lipgloss and jewelry. Check out the diva shoes!

The hostesses with me.

Me trying on one of the onsies for size...

Another one of the onsies... design by Dawna

Thank you everybody!!!


Angela said...

Sounds like a lot of un. I enjoyed my self during my son’s shower over two years ago. You are going to go through those diapers and wipes fast. Have fun putting it all away.

TC said...

OK, seriously, your friends are super talentd!! Those onesies are ADORABLE!!!!

Congrats! Looks like a great day :)

TC said...

And by talentd, I meant talented 8-)

Kerry said...

Angela: It's amazing how fast you go thru diapers and wipes! Just having a diaper/wipes shower would be helpful! those things are expensive.

TC: It was fun to see what ideas they came up with to write/draw. I think that little craft was a huge hit!

Wombat said...

Pink camo! How cool.

Guilty Secret said...

What is a booger sucker?

And the cake is very cute... but non-edible?!

Kerry said...

Guilty... a booger sucker is that bulb thing that they use to clean out baby noses. I'm not sure what you call it. I just call it the booger sucker. lol

The cake is actually made of diapers. The outside is wrapped in receiving blankets and tights. The trim is headbands pinned on with diaper pins and the top is decorated with baby spoons and pacifiers. Everything on it is useable by baby! Cool idea, huh!?!?

Circe said...

Kerbear, so glad you liked the outfit! I saw it and loved it and knew that was the perfect gift. :)

And I've seen that diaper cake before at the last couple of baby showers I've attended. It is such a creative display. Who comes up with these things?

Big Ben said...

Fachaitte is a strange name!

You look just as big as my sister!

Kerry said...

Ben: Your sister having trouble breathing too!?!? That is my biggest complaint... I cant get any air.

Plus I cant bend over. lol

Kerry said...

Ben: Your sister having trouble breathing too!?!? That is my biggest complaint... I cant get any air.

Plus I cant bend over. lol

Guilty Secret said...

Oh, ok... I don't know what the real name for a booger sucker is either.

Now I see what they did with the cake that is a brilliant idea!