Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let There Be Light

Today was Richards birthday... here's how we've spent it...

In the dark.

Our electricity has been off more than its been on. We fixed lunch (electricity had already been off and back on once), then started in on cake and ice cream and the electricity started in... off, on, off, on, etc. Finally, it came on and stayed for about an hour. We opened his gifts - which i'd love to share pictures of, but I cant get to my computer without electricity! All the boys sat down to hook up the new XBox 360, I headed out for my pedicure... and my phone rang. They announced the power had gone out again, so they were going shopping. HOURS later, we all return home to find no power yet... and the house is hot.... the air is still... and our entire neighborhood has set up camp in their driveways.

We opted to go see a movie. Mr Bean... and in my opinion not very funny. Everyone else laughed, but I wasn't seeing the humor. Anyways ... we headed back to the house to find a completely dark neighborhood. UGH! So, here we are sittiing at my sister's place while kids do homework and I surf the net and Richard celebratets the last moments of his birthday day, watching Attack of Mars or something like that.

Apparently, there are about 775 customers without power and they dont have an explanation why. Oh the joy.


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TC said...

Awww, well, at least you'll have time to make up for it :)

Bone said...

I was looking at the list of movies on at the theater the other day, and they all sounded really crappy.

An XBox 360?!?!