Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Toxic Teddybears

Did any of you stay up for the Perseidiuses (yep, I made that word up) performance recently? Every year I vow I will drag myself out of bed and head for the great outdoors only to experience a last minute change of heart and snuggle back under the cozy covers, but this time good intentions prevailed. Not having the excuse of chilly weather or cloud cover, which has been the case in times past, at 4:30 am I sleepily shuffled back and forth between a patio chair and the hard concrete as I spotted approximately 20 fireballs flashing through the sky in their dazzling glory. Conditions were so favorable this year what with clear nights, no moon, and balmy temps that it was well worth the effort. Heck, I may even try for the November Leonids show!

Our Fantasy Football private league is fired up and raring to go. Our creative names run the gamut from sharks to fireballs (a fellow stargazer perhaps?) and ladybugs to marshmallows. If you recall from past years, my mediocre teams have been cursed with the designations Weasels of Destruction and Marauding Meercats but now that I’m over my rodent fixation, I’ve decided to try the Toxic Teddybears. Yeah, I’m sure that will spur them on to greater victory. Our private auction is Sept 1 and I’ve prepared by printing off the Sports Illustrated picks so here’s hoping I make a decent showing this year as I lead my guys to victory. Go Teddybears!

Once again a slithery serpent thought it wise and prudent to snuggle up to our sliding glass door and gaze longingly inside but thankfully he was unable to make his way in and TBC sent him on his merry way. Enough with the snakes already!!!


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Good luck with the football team!

Mr. Mayhem is obsessed....his league even has their own website!

EWWWWWWWW on the snake!

Go Toxic Teddybears!

weatherchazer said...

I plan to stay up for the two moons this sunday night (monday morning).

Wombat said...

Asps and meteor showers.

It's positively biblical at your place, Circe.