Thursday, August 23, 2007

Playing in Playa

While we were in Mexico, we hopped on the ferry and rode the short little jaunt to Playa Del Carmen. I've mentioned some of this before (we rented the squirrel cage and went to Tulum, etc). Anyways, after Tulum and various other activities... food became important. We decided to hit Senor Frogs on the beach and pig out on chips and salsa and all kinds of mexican food and drinks!

In Mexico, they grown grasshoppers the size of combines (I mean the ones we use here in Oklahoma to cut wheat!). Sheri was eating when she felt something on her back. She reached back to knock it off, and flung this grasshopper on the ground. She jumped up screaming. Just look at it! It's huge! The thing even drew blood on her finger! It kept moving around us, so we grabbed our cameras. It was an attack g'hopper too!

It (we) got the attention of the staff and the grasshopper became center of attention. It made its way to another customer... and the waiters took turn trying to pry the darn thing off the guys shirt.

They had the coolest bar stools. Here's Sheri and I in our stools. lol


Wombat said...

And here was I thinking that a Grasshopper attack was what happened after too many cocktails.

Nice butts, Seymour.

TC said...

Looks gorgeous!

I'm a lil jealous :)

CruiserMel said...

Senor Frogs is one of those places I just have to go to, if there's one in town. I think I've been to 5 or 6 now. What fun! I'm not sure I've ever noticed the barstools though. Those are so hilarious! Y'all look so cute.

Kerry said...

HAHAHHA... thanks, Wombat ;)

TC: It is gorgeous!!! Course, you get to travel to awesome places too!

Kerry said...

Cruiser.. I love Senor Frogs too! I dont know what the attraction is exactly... but it sucks me in! I've been to three now!

thephoenixnyc said...

They also EAT the grasshoppers. Nice arse.

Bone said...

Oh wow, those barstools looked so real for a second! LOL Good stuff.

Kerry said...

NYC: Thank you ;) *giggle*

Bone: If you just take a glance real quick... it does look like our bootey's. hahahahah