Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Might Need Two Diet Cokes Today

I had several blog topics on my mind this morning, and I sit down to start typing.... and I can't remember any of them!

I hate it when that happens!

I guess my mind is in overload. I've got too much going on, too many responsibilities and too much to prepare for.

Each morning I check MSN to see what the hot items of the day are and I noticed a link that said "are you depressed?" So of course, I clicked it and took the test. I scored waaaaaaaaay to the right. Deeply Depressed.

I immediately messaged my friend JJ and told him I scored majorly depressed... he said he does too. Every time he takes the test. However, we feel fine. Or, we think we do! We decided that we're fine... it's everyone else that's messed up. While I was at Chaos College he and I took those tests weekly and periodically we'd score so high that we needed to be institutionalized.

Sometimes, I think that wouldnt be a bad thing because then someone would cook and clean for me! I could just stare out my window and think about.... about all the crap I wasn't getting done because I was in depresso detox. Now, that's depressing too.

Maybe my other blog ideas will come back to me...


weatherchazer said...

Add me to the list- but I think it's everyone else with the problems.

Angela said...

Then the question is are you depressed if you don't feel depressed.

thephoenixnyc said...

Uhh, you live in the midwest...your results are surprising how? ; )

Kerry said...

Chazer.... officially on the list! ;)

Angela: I dont think i'm depressed if I dont feel depressed. But is that called denial? Dang it gets so confusing.

NYC: I need to be on the coast. surf and sand and i'd be better! lol

nunu said...

I took the same test this morning!! It is nice to know that I am in good company!!! ;-))

Wombat said...

Totally a great idea, being able to check in to a complete care facility for a few days.

Leave the world, have someone do everything for you, and re-join humanity completely refreshed. And with temple scars.

Kerry said...

Maybe we should all go for a few days... get a little rest and relaxation. Plus.... they might let us watch TV so we can catch up on our daytime soaps (which I havent had the opportunity to watch since college!)